Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional!

Hello There!

Welcome to my page, I'm so excited you decided to stop pass! 

My name is Tierney Mitchell, I am a navy wife & mother of two. I have been massaging for 12 years, time flies when your having fun! Believe it or not, I had never had a professional massage until I was in school for massage. Sometimes, often times God will put you in the right space before you understand why. After that massage which was at least 2 weeks in, I was so blown away by the difference I felt. It was in that moment, I had I finally found my life's work. I committed to learning how to show other people the difference a good massage can make in your life!

Massage is an internal shower, in the simplest form. Massage is also a source of healing both physically and spiritually. While massage therapist are not considered medical doctors you'd be hard pressed to find a doctor who specializes in muscles. Most doctors will simply prescribe...a muscle relaxer (insert drums). With this in mind I take my 12 years of training and practice and proclaim myself a Myologist, a muscle specialist. When you're tired of being tired, or in need of a break from life's worries, schedule some time with me at Soul Relaxed!

Thank you for your time!

with Love, Tierney